DIY Learn to Sew Holiday Craft with Aria

Guys, if you can't tell by that smile, Aria is SO excited to share with you her first ever DIY Learn to Sew Craft tutorial! This past year she has been all about sewing (makin' Grandma so proud!) and this fun holiday activity is a perfect way to develop fine motor skills and safely introduce your little ones to beginner sewing techniques!

Since this project is 100% Aria's idea, I'm going to go ahead and let her take the lead on this one! Enjoy!


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Hi, I'm Aria! First step, pick out your favorite Christmas cookie cutters. I like the present and the tree and the gingerbread man the best.

Ok and the star. I like the star too!

Use markers to trace the cookie cutter shapes onto your paper towels!

Then you can decorate your shapes! I made the wrapping on my present yellow.

Looks good! (Aria's sweet bow is by Ellia May Designs and her dress is from Peyper Kids!)

Next it's time to thread your needle! My Aunt Mandi gave me all these pretty colors of thread. Aren't they pretty? Pick one color for each shape and have Mommy cut a piece for you. (appx. 18-24" will be plenty!)

Put the end of the thread through the hole on your needle and then ask Mommy (or Daddy!) to tie a knot so it doesn't come off.

Then grab the other end of your thread and wrap it around your needle ten times. Pinch the ends on one side and wrap around with the other hand.

When you are done wrapping ask Mommy to help you push the thread all the way down the needle and over the hole to the end of your thread to make a big knot. The knot will keep your thread from coming out of the paper towel when you sew.

Now it's time to sew! Start under your picture and push the needle up through the paper towel and pull until your knot touches the back. Don't pull it all the way through. Then go back down into a different spot on your picture.

Go up, down, up, down, up, down all the way around your shape. (Stitches 1 inch apart are a great start!) Don't pull too hard or the paper towel will rip.

When you make it all the way around, push your needle to the back side of your paper towel and ask Mommy to tie a knot. This is called tying-off. You want to hide the knot.

Now you can decorate your picture even more with your markers! I gave my tree some dots for ornaments and I made a star on top.

Taaa-daaa!! That's it guys, bye!



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