33 Week Bumpdate + Aqua Maternity Dress

Hello Friends! Popping in with another pregnancy bumpdate. Aria and I do have some fun DIY and Travel posts in the works (did you check out our latest popsicle recipe?!) but for right now we're definitely cherishing all the "bump" excitement during these last few weeks before baby brother arrives. For months I've been wanting to check out this gorgeous colorful staircase and photo wall in downtown Houston, so when a dear friend asked us to head down into the city for a photoshoot we couldn't resist! The colors are just instant happy!

How far along: 33.5 weeks

Size of baby: Celery! At 31 weeks he was measuring 4lbs 6oz so I'm sure he's 5lbs by now.

Gender: Definitely still a boy!

Movement: Not as often, things are getting pretty squished in there, but when he does move my whole belly moves with him!

Sleep: I'm actually sleeping much better now since implementing our Pregnancy Insomnia Tips into my nightly routine. Most nights I'm only waking up once to go to the bathroom and have been having an easier time getting comfortable on my left side with more pillows. I am having some crazy realistic pregnancy dreams though! This past week has involved zombie attacks, randomly selling our house to move to some farm and birthing a cat. Nothing weird about that! Daily afternoon naps are also still my best friend.

Cravings: I had a serious watermelon craving two weeks ago and ate about 6 whole watermelons but now my overall appetite has really subsided. If anything, I'm craving salty crunchy junk food here and there like corn chips and chex mix.

Challenges: Going up and down the stairs in our home, picking anything up off the floor and getting clothes out of the washer and dryer. I'm no longer able to sit on the floor and give Aria a bath or play with her in her playroom because my feet go numb and I can't get back up. I'm also now experiencing pregnancy carpal tunnel. My hands and fingers are super swollen, I can't feel them in the mornings, it hurts to type and edit photos on the computer and by the end of the day I can no longer make a fist! I have had two pregnancy massages though, which have definitely helped with back pain.

Birth Plan: My c-section was scheduled for May 15th but it turns out that is Aria's last day of preschool and her graduation is two days later. I'd really hate to miss Aria's special day so as of right now my doctor is trying to schedule me for either the afternoon of May 17th or early morning of May 18th!

Best moment this week: I had the most wonderful baby shower brunch today thanks to my dear friend Brittany of Hello Honey Blog (details to come!) and tomorrow my hubby and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary (Earth Day!) so it's definitely an exciting week. We also got a ton done in the nursery this week and it's all coming together!

I wore this beautiful flowy Aqua Draped 3/4 Sleeve Maternity Maxi Dress from PinkBlush Maternity for my baby shower today and it was so incredibly comfortable. I love the v-neck and sash tie and it's perfect for wearing before, during or after pregnancy! I'm 5'2" and wearing the size Large. This style is also currently available in fourteen other gorgeous colors! Right now PinkBlush is offering 20% off all orders with code: FUNDAY20.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

xo, Aimey

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