Aria's 5th Birthday Party at Potteryland

I'm only six months behind with posting this but better late than never, right?! This year Aria has been really into art and DIY projects! From crafting kits to making her own hair bows and learning to sew, she wants to make it all, so it was no surprise when she told me that all she wanted for her 5th birthday was to have a painting-themed party at her favorite local pottery studio, Potteryland!

So many of her sweet friends were able to attend and they were all invited to pick out and glaze a small piece of pottery. The studio fired all of their works of art and had them ready for pickup in just a few days. The kids had a blast and for once, I didn't have to clean up! The staff at Potteryland was amazing with setup and kept everything organized and on schedule so I wouldn't have to do a thing. A total win!

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, Aria just wanted to decorate and eat Funfetti cupcakes with her friends! I picked up some small paint palette trays from the dollar store and filled them with different sprinkles and let the kids DIY their hearts out! The only thing I wish I would have done differently would have been to use a buttercream frosting instead of canned white marshmallow frosting because it was hot outside and they melted on the way to the studio. I did dye the frosting myself with Wilton gel food coloring and the colors were so vibrant!

These adorable custom-made sugar cookies were from our favorite local bakery - Sweets By Anna in Montgomery, TX. They even had edible glitter! They were divine and everyone kept telling me they were too pretty to eat!

For favor bags we opted to skip giving out candy and stayed with the creative theme. Each bag contained a pack of Wikki Stix, Playdoh, a mini watercolor painting kit and some temporary tattoos. We made our own 'Thank You' confetti labels that doubled as stickers to seal the bags and Aria helped me stuff each and every one!

Even the Grands and Great Grands joined in on the fun!

Aria had the best time with all of her wonderful friends and couldn't have been happier! Thanks so much to Potteryland for having us and for making Aria smile! :)



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