DIY Color Match Popsicles

Happy Fri-Yay! Hope your week was filled with sunshine + hugs! The temp and humidity has dropped here in Texas and we've been loving the fall-like weather. Some leaves have started to fall on our street and Aria even picked out her first mini pumpkin last night. We're so excited for fall festivals, football and pumpkin-everything!

Today we want to share a really fun and easy craft. When Aria was a sweet little one year old we hosted a Busy Bag Swap play date with our playgroup friends and made these super cute DIY Color Match Popsicles. Three and a half years later, these pops are still Aria's favorite travel activity and we've taken them with us on over thirty flights! She loves them! (And I love them because they totally keep her occupied on the plane! Win!)

The other day we decided it was time to add some new colors to her collection and Aria wanted to share her step by step DIY guide with y'all, so here goes!


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So first step, let your kiddo pick out some fun bright sheets of felt. Aria picked out her favorite colors from our local Hobby Lobby. Each sheet was only .33 cents!

Have your kiddo count how many pieces of felt they have and then count out the correct number of popsicle sticks to match. Aria says this step is very important. She did not want my help at all!

She was very particular about the sticks having to be perfect. If they were bent, cracked or stained in any way they didn't make the cut!

Next, have your kiddo pick out some paints to match their felt colors. We used a twenty pack of kids washable paints, but any tempera or acrylic paint will work.

Lay down some craft paper or newspaper, grab your brush, paper towel and small cup of water for rinsing and start painting! Make sure your kiddo rinses their brush thoroughly between colors and have them dab their brush dry onto the paper towel.

Parenting tip - Try not to interfere too much! Let your kiddo paint on his or her own. If they make a mess or mess something up, oh well! Just wipe it up and grab another popsicle stick!

Look at that joy!

Some colors may require mixing! If you need to mix a custom color to match your felt, grab a paper plate and guide your kiddo through the mixing process. We needed a nice aqua color so we mixed a bright blue with some green and Voila!

If you need any lighter colors, paint your darker colors first and then just add some white onto your plate. Slowly mix in small dabs of the darker color paint into your white until you have the perfect shade to match your felt. We had to do this for our light blue and light purple popsicles.

Now let your sticks chill out and dry!

Once dry, flip them over and paint the backs. (You don't have to paint both sides, but Aria insisted!)

While your kiddo is busy painting is a good time to grab the felt and some fabric scissors and start cutting out the popsicle tops. I cut one freehand and then held it up to a popsicle stick to see if I liked the sizing. Trim or adjust as you see fit and then use it as a template to cut out two in every color.

Once you have two popsicle tops cut out in every color, grab your glue gun!

When your glue gun is ready, start at the bottom and work your way up and around the popsicle and back down to the other side. Be sure to leave an opening at the bottom big enough for the popsicle sticks!

Repeat for all of the felt popsicle tops! I don't recommend letting your kiddo use the glue gun, even if it's low-heat. Aria wanted to help me but I simply told her, "No love, this glue is very very hot and it will burn you."

If you're feeling really ambitious and have a sewing machine, you can also sew the tops together instead of using glue! Either way works great. I chose to hot glue this time around because it was faster.

Once all of your popsicle sticks and tops have dried, it's time to play! Have your kiddo match the correct colored sticks to their pops!

This activity is great for cognitive skills, learning colors, counting and motor skills!

She did it! We'll definitely be taking these cuties with us on our next trip! We usually store them in a plastic baggie and toss them in her backpack or my carry-on tote for the airplane.

Tips from Aria:

  • "Pretend each popsicle is a different flavor! Grape is my favorite."

  • "Try not to drop your sticks on the airplane or you will have to climb under the seat to go get them!"

  • "Rinse your brush in water before you paint a new color or it will look yucky."

That's it y'all! This is a perfect weekend project and they'll last for years! What are your plans this weekend? We're off to see friends at a birthday party in the morning and then headed out to Lake Livingston to visit the Grandparents and Great Grandparents at our family lake house. Hopefully the weather stays this nice for a while! We're definitely keeping everyone affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma in our hearts. Be safe!


Aimey + Aria

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