DIY Spooky Movie Night Halloween Party

Happy almost Halloween! This year Aria really wanted to host a Spooky Movie Night Halloween Party with her friends so a few weeks ago we stopped by the dollar store, picked up a few decorations and snacks and sent out a quick save the date e-vite. Keeping it simple y'all! Working overtime at my day job, in the busy season for my side-job and now a Mama of two (including one teething little guy that eats nonstop!), my days of spending weeks prepping and planning Pinterest-perfect parties are no more!

At first I stressed a little, thinking "There is no way I can clean the house in time, no way I'll have everything ready before everyone arrives and no way it'll be picture-perfect" but then I realized, Aria doesn't care! She doesn't care if the house is messy or if the decor isn't Pinterest-worthy, she cares about having fun watching movies with her friends! So I totally let that mentality take over and here's what we came up with.

Ta-da! This last minute "table cloth" was just some leftover spider fabric I found stored in our garage from years ago and some plain pink wrapping paper from Aria's birthday. While I was in the garage I found my old Nightmare Before Christmas cookie jar from college too!

Aria crafted this cute little ghost using a mason jar and some first-aid gauze she found. (If you don't have gauze, toiler paper works just as well!) She drew on his mouth and glued on some googly eyes and he made the perfect holder for our plastic ware!

I did want the snacks for our party to be on the healthier side so I put together these pineapple (canned, pre-chunked!), mandarin, cool whip candy corn cups and the cool whip totally melted before everyone got there. But guess what? The kids didn't care! I had every intention of making peanut butter monster teeth with the apples and marshmallows too but didn't get around to it, so I just set out the peanut butter and let the kids do it!

Five minutes before our guests arrived I cut some whole-wheat bread into circles using a drinking glass, spread on some hazelnut spread, stuffed in some pretzel sticks and made these cute little spider sandwiches. Did they have picture-perfect little faces or even eyes? Nope! But the kids thought they were so cool and ate every single one!

This chocolate trifle was so easy to make! I baked a simple boxed chocolate cake-mix an hour before the party, make some sugar-free chocolate Jello pudding in under five minutes, let Aria crush up some chocolate cookies in a bag with a small kitchen mallet, and then we layered it all with lite cool whip. Then I drizzled some chocolate syrup on top and threw on a plastic spider. Fast, easy, cute and delicious!

One of my neighbors brought over this awesome Franken-guac!

How adorable are these sweet sisters?!

For the party craft, I gave each kiddo a sheet of black construction paper and a piece of chalk and said "Make me some bats!!" They went nuts drawing me the cutest little bats and then the Mamas helped cut each one out and tape them to the fireplace. Not exactly Pinterest-perfect, but they loved it and loved seeing their bats on display!

Then it was movie time! The kids rolled out their sleeping bags and I passed out some home air-popped popcorn in these cute little black & white striped cartons. Hotel Transylvania 3 was Aria's spooky movie of choice for the night and the kids had a blast. They laughed, they danced, they played and they just had so much fun.

Gotta love these twinning pink skeleton pajamas! Aria's pj's are from Old Navy!

I asked all of the Mamas to wear black for the party and bring some wine! We've gotta have some fun too, right?!

Dollar store plastic eyeballs and vampire teeth? Always a good idea!

Serious Mom goals with these two! Their Mama is the owner of Peyper Kids and she MADE these matching dresses for her girls hours before the party! Unbelievable, but so amazing!

The monster teeth in our fireplace are just a cut up piece of foam board! So basic and easy but so fun! For the "BOO" at the very top of our fireplace I just cut out some pink wrapping paper and taped it to an existing picture frame that was already hanging above our mantel. Then I cut out the letters with white computer paper and let Aria tape them on. The blue jack-o-lantern was an oldie we found in the attic and it was in pretty bad shape. We gave it a makeover with some leftover Rust-oleum 2x spray paint in the color Seaside. I'm all about just using what we already have around the house!

So see y'all? Even if you're crazy busy like me, it's still possible to throw together a fun Halloween party quickly and easily on the cheap! It's not being Pinterest-perfect that matters, it's THIS! These amazing smiles and happy memories!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful fall season!


~Aimey + Aria

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