Eco-Friendly Amazon Prime Day Finds

In a hurry to get these posted before items sell out, but in a world full of "stuff" I wanted to share some eco-friendly products that are both better for you and your families AND the environment. Happy Amazon Prime Day!

1. Bamboo Cups - Non-toxic, BPA free and biodegradable. Perfect for the kids!

2. Reusable Straws - Love this silicone set, includes a cleaning brush & travel case! Only $6 + an extra 20% off coupon!

3. Percale Sheets - Ultra-soft cool & breathable sheets made from recycled bottles! Click and scroll down to learn more about their manufacturing process and sustainable practices! It's fascinating!

4. Owl Plates - Non-toxic, made from organically grown renewable resources and totally cute! At 6, Aria still loves when I bring her snacks on a fun plate!

5. Silicone Sponges - These BPA-free, non-toxic reusable sponges are amazing for cleaning just about everything and they last forever!

6. Food Wraps - Ditch the plastic-wrap and stock up on these beeswax storage wraps! They slow down the decomposition of your food and are a natural alternative to plastic.

7. Dryer Balls - Hypoallergenic and made from 100% wool. We ditched the dryer sheets ages ago and haven't looked back! Tip: Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your dryer balls! I add a few drops of citronella oil, grapefruit oil and lemongrass oil to help battle the mosquitoes in the summertime and it makes our clothes smell amazing!

8. Water Bottle - These BPA-free glass water bottles are the cutest! Perfect for on-the go and I love the silicone handle & grip.



(*This post contains affiliate links and we receive compensation for clicks and purchases if you use these links. 100% of profits from this blog go to Aria + Kai's education fund!)

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