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Hi Guys! If you follow along with our stories on Instagram, you know that Aria is nuts about yoga and fitness right now! She wants to be a ballerina and yoga teacher when she grows up so when our awesome friend Alli, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach of Guaranteed Giddy, asked if Aria wanted to co-teach a family friendly yoga class at one of our favorite parks in The Woodlands to celebrate GG's 3-year anniversary, Aria responded with a great big "HECK YEAH!!!"

The event was totally free and open to the public at Town Green Park and we were "giddy" when so many wonderful families showed up with their yoga mats in hand. We lucked out with the most gorgeous weather that evening too! When it was time to teach her flow, Aria was a little timid and didn't want to talk too much, but she knew all her moves and totally ended up knocking it out of the park with her poses. I'm so proud of her for having the courage to get up there in front of so many people and for making some new friends!

How adorable are these two twinning with their outfits and yoga mats! I love it!

Like myself, Alli is also a new Mama. Her adorable baby girl, Eliza, was born just a few days after Kai at the exact same hospital, and we both had c-section deliveries. As I've slowly started getting back into a fitness routine I've found that yoga is the perfect workout for postpartum recovery and it definitely helps me feel more energized throughout the week. And it's even better having my own little private yoga coach at home keeping me motivated!

Here is a little Q&A with Alli about her own positive experiences with yoga:

1. How long have you been practicing yoga?

I practiced yoga very intermittently from ages 25-30, probably because I'm as stiff as a stick bug! But when Yoga Pod The Woodlands opened up in June of 2016 I became a Karmi Yogi and had more yoga access than ever. My long, stiff body began to move in ways I didn't think were possible, and my mental health was at an all time high - thanks yoga! That's when my practice developed and I decided I would like to study to become a yoga instructor to further expand my personal training and life coaching business.

Oh Hi Hi, Baby Kai!

2. What makes yoga great for postpartum recovery?

What better thing to do post-baby than strengthen your physical and mental prowess? Yoga is the ultimate postpartum exercise option because it offers strength, flexibility and mental health all wrapped into one class. New moms have to be efficient with their time, right? If you're thinking about starting a practice try A LOT of different styles of yoga and instructors to see what/who you like. Gentle yoga is a perfect fit for most beginners or women bouncing back from baby. Once you get more comfortable with the language of yoga perhaps try a vinyasa flow, kundalini or hatha class. Bonus yoga tip: Restorative yoga is like adult nap time! Think pillows, blankets and soothing music. Just go! You'll thank me later.

3. Why is yoga great for kids? And at what age will you start teaching Eliza?

Kids LOVE yoga. I'm not really sure why exactly, but I think it has to do with the fact that you follow along in class but your poses are unique to each individual. If you saw five different people do a down dog you wouldn't see identical, cookie cutter postures. We are all a little different, but everyone can practice yoga, especially little ones. The practice of yoga has the same benefits for kids as it does for adults, it offers a form of self expression, teaches discipline and highlights the art of slowing down. Start your kids as soon as possible, believe it or not Eliza is already a seasoned yogi! Well, as seasoned as a four month old can be. She did a ton of practicing in utero and even frequents baby yoga classes now that she's on the outside of my tummy!

4. Where can we take one of your yoga classes?

I'm still looking for a special studio to offer my yoga style that fits with my childcare schedule. My favorite places to practice are Villasport, Yoga Pod The Woodlands and Wild Spirit Yoga in Tomball, if you're looking to start a practice I highly recommend these studios. Until I have a regular weekly gig be on the lookout for more special family-friendly yoga events in the park with your favorite Giddy Gal! Maybe Aria will join me again to teach!

If you're looking for some gentle beginner yoga poses to try postpartum or with your littles, here is Aria's yoga flow:

1. Mountain Pose

2. Forward Bend

3. Halfway Bend

4. Cobra

5. Chaturanga

6. Downward Dog

7. Upward Dog

And repeat!

This one is my favorite pose for sure!

Hugs all around! (Notice the Dads!! Ha!)

So the next time you're planning a playdate at the park, try bringing your yoga mats along! Or contact us if you're in The Woodlands area and would like to schedule a family friendly yoga playdate!

Thank you so much to everyone that joined us at this event and a huge thank you to Alli for being such a positive inspiration and for encouraging Aria to co-teach her very first yoga class.

You truly rock! And we love you. :)



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