Hello Kai Wild!

Drumroll... Introducing our new little aloha, Kai Wild Fullbright! It's been two whole weeks since our miracle baby arrived safe and sound and we couldn't be happier! He's healthy, strong, oh so sweet and absolutely perfect. He has lots of long strawberry blonde hair (total party in the back!) and looks a lot like I did when I was a baby, which is exciting because Aria looks just like her Daddy!

Speaking of Daddy, he was the one that decided on Kai's name. Kai is the Hawaiian word for "the sea" and Wild is the name of the pro hockey team that my husband and I broadcasted together for six years. Both names have a lot of meaning to us and I think it's the perfect combo. Plus, how can you not love the idea of being Wild and free in the Sea?! We can't wait to teach this little guy how to surf!

Right now Kai mostly just wakes up every 3-4 hours to eat and then goes right back to sleep! Last night Aria was able to keep him awake for a little bit longer and read him one of her favorite books, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? She's already a total pro at holding him, rocking him and coming to the rescue with a paci every time he cries!

As for me, most of y'all already know that I had a very high-risk pregnancy to begin with and unfortunately, just like with Aria, c-section recovery has once again been very difficult. I don't want to go into any details right now, but let's just say nothing at all has been a walk in the park for me! But I'm used to it and despite all of my struggles, medications, issues... I'm still trying my best to keep smiling, take it one day at a time and enjoy every sweet moment I can. Things will get better. Half glass full kinda gal over here!

Lately I've mostly been living in comfortable nightgowns and this incredibly soft Fuchsia Lace Maternity Robe by Pink Blush Maternity has been a total lifesaver! I wore it for almost my entire four day stay in the hospital after my c-section (I got so many compliments from the nurses!) and it's been my go-to robe while at home recovering. It's lightweight, stretchy, so comfortable and perfect for nursing and postpartum recovery. If you're not diggin' the hot pink vibes, they have the most beautiful collection of Delivery Robes in all different colors and some gorgeous floral prints too!

I'm trying my best not to stress too much over keeping up with social media and blogging, as family bonding time and healing are most important right now. I know once I'm healed and feeling 100%, we'll jump back into things! But for now, we're finding our new groove as a family of four and soaking up all these adorable newborn snuggles! We love you so much Kai Wild.

Thanks so much for stopping by y'all!

Happy June!



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