Kai's 5 Month Update + Teething Favs

Month 5 has completely flown by y'all! With all of our fun fall activities, pumpkin patch adventures and travel we've been pretty nonstop. Kai is now rolling on his own and eating stage one and two baby foods like a pro. This boy definitely loves to eat, sleep and smile!

He took his second trip to Maryland this month and was a little fussy through security and boarding at the airports but slept like a champ through both flights. No teeth yet but he is definitely teething and loves to chew on everything, including my arm! This teething mitten has been a total lifesaver, especially while traveling!

Kai has the brightest blue eyes and cutest laugh and when I hold him high in the air and look up at him he gives me the biggest smiles and squeals! He kicks his legs so fast when he's excited to see us and a few times he's held his own bottle to feed himself. I'm not sure exactly how much he weighs now, we'll find that out at his six month doc appointment, but I'm guessing around 14 or 15 pounds. He's wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes because all of his 3-6 outfits are too short but he loves being naked and chewing on his toes!

His natural mohawk is still going strong and his hair still has a reddish tint, especially in the back. Whenever I'm eating or making food for Aria he opens his mouth expecting a bite! Yesterday he grabbed a Hawaiian roll right out of my hand and tried to eat it!

Kai loves his big "Sissy" and likes to lay in bed with her and listen to her read. This past month he visited Dallas for the first time for the Texas State Fair and Arboretum, went to the Texas Renaissance Festival, got lost in a corn maze at P-6 Farms and went trick or treating in the rain! His first Halloween costume was a cute little white NASA spacesuit that I picked up last-minute at Bush Intercontinental Airport because that's how busy life is at the moment. We're loving it though and loving every bit of this little guy's sweetness!

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Happy 5 Months Kai Wild!



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