Merry + Bright Christmas Recap

Aria and I had the most relaxing Christmas this year at home in our pajamas! No travel, no obligations, no stress and my Mother-in-law even stopped by with a giant bag of food for us so we didn't have to cook dinner! It was a dream come true for this pregnant Mama. We watched movies, played with new toys, FaceTimed with my family on the East coast and eventually got dressed and went for a nice walk to our local playground. It was a perfect day!

This year our holiday decor theme was Merry + Bright. I'm not a big fan of traditional Christmas colors, so when Aria picked out glittery pink and aqua ornaments for our new tree my heart was so happy!

We were totally inspired by this DIY Colorful Balloon tutorial by A Kailo Chic Life and had to try it out ourselves. Aria had a blast mixing the colors and painting the letter balloons all by herself. We hung them up with some white string to make this cheery "headboard" during the holidays and who knows, maybe we'll leave it up for another month or two!

Just for memory's sake, here is a quick Q&A with Aria about her 5th Christmas:

1. What did Santa bring you this year?


2. What was your favorite gift?

MY SCOOTER! (It's a hot pink Razor scooter complete with bell and sparkly streamers!)

3. What was the best part of your day?

Being together and loving everyone!

4. What was your favorite Christmas movie?

The Santa Guy that grew a beard. (The Santa Clause!)

5. What was your favorite memory?

Playing in the snow! (Our church had a snow play area Christmas Eve!)

Somebody learned to use the camera remote this Christmas too! She had way too much fun with this photoshoot!

I had been looking all over for pink and white striped pajamas for Christmas morning and found this super comfy maternity set by Lamaze! They're so incredibly soft and currently on sale for under $25! Aria was a little upset I didn't find her a matching pair but then she was psyched to wear this warm and cozy aqua deer footed sleeper!

For Christmas breakfast we got creative and made Santa and Rudolph pancakes! Aria ate their noses first and tried to steal all the bacon! Breakfast was served on our beautiful Lenox Opal Innocence china.

Aria may have snuck a few of Santa's leftover cookies before breakfast too!

And that was our 2017 Christmas! Hope you had a wonderful day full of hugs and smiles too. Aria wanted to show y'all her Merry + Bright tree pose! Happy Holidays y'all!


Aimey + Aria

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