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Sassy - an adjective meaning lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky, quick-witted, clever.

Yep. That describes Aria pretty perfectly!

When it comes to Mother Daughter Style we love all the matching tops, patterns and colors and BabyandMe.Shop is our go-to for cute and affordable Mommy and Me trends! They have everything from matching sweaters and dresses (like the yellow ones we wore in this post!) to swimsuits, leggings (see our matching watermelon leggings here!) and more and we love rocking them all!

The tank tops we are wearing in these photos have the prettiest black lace detail on the back and they pair perfectly with our favorite light minty blue hue, felt hats and fall booties. I'm wearing an XL and the girls tank is available in sizes 1T-6T. The set together is on sale right now for under $30, so if you have a sassy little gal in your life definitely be sure to grab these!

We are also loving these cute rainbow sweaters and these b&w striped dresses are perfect for fall!

That face! We DIY'd some pumpkin decor yesterday and we've got all the fun fall things planned this month! We're heading to the Texas State Fair in Dallas this weekend and we finally planned our annual fall trip to Hershey, PA for Halloween! Aria is hosting a "Spooky Movie Night" at our house for all her friends next week too so that should be a blast. We're officially getting out all of the spooky stuff, planning costumes and reading all of our favorite Halloween books! We just got this one and Aria is obsessed.

Hope you're enjoying everything fall and if not, we hope you're at the beach. :)


~Aimey + Aria

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