No-Sew Summer Hair Bow DIY

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! If you're looking for a sweet Mommy and Me DIY project, these no-sew summer hair bows are perfect and so easy to make! All you need is a little bit of cute fabric, a hot glue gun and an alligator clip. Aria loved picking out these pink flamingo and pineapple prints at our local craft store!


1/4 yard of cotton fabric

hot glue gun + glue sticks

alligator clip

fabric scissors

Step 1: Cut out a rectangle piece of fabric. For Aria's top-knot bow we cut about an 8"x12" rectangle. Then cut a 2" strip from one end. It doesn't have to be perfect, you can just eyeball it! For smaller bows just size down your rectangle.

Step 2: Hot glue a straight line across the top and bottom of your larger piece of fabric.

Step 3: Fold both the top and bottom of your fabric to the center. Press down until glue dries.

Step 4: Turn your fabric vertically and repeat. Hot glue a straight line across the top and bottom.

Step 5: Fold your glued ends to the center and press again until glue is dry. Aria says it's like wrapping a little present!

Step 6. Starting at the bottom, fold your glued fabric into an accordian with at least 5 folds. Pinch in the middle.

Step 7: Without letting go, flip over your folded fabric and add small dabs of hot glue inside each fold. Pinch together until glue dries.

Your bow should now stay together like this!

Step 8: Grab your small piece of fabric and run a straight line of hot glue along the top and bottom of the long sides.

Step 9: Fold both sides to the middle and press down until glue dries. The edges can overlap.

Step 10: Add a dab of hot glue to the top side of your bow. Take your new strip of glued fabric and press down to attach it to the bow.

Step 11: Wrap your strip of fabric around the middle of your bow 3 times.

Step 12: Add another dab of hot glue to the back side of your bow. Press your strip down to attach and then trim off any excess fabric.

Step 13: Hot glue the straight edge of your alligator clip to the back side of your bow.

And that's it! It's super fast and easy!

Aria wanted to get a little fancy so she picked out some glittery ribbon to wrap around the middle of her bow instead of just using a matching strip of fabric! Just wrap it around once and glue!

Would your cutie love one of these bows? Enter our giveaway on Instagram or Facebook to win a free bow of your choice! Contest ends 5/13 at 11:59pm CST!

The weather is so beautiful here in The Woodlands, Texas and Aria and I couldn't be more excited because Grandma (aka "Mom Mom") is flying in from Maryland tonight to spend Mother's Day with us! And she's sticking around to help us welcome baby boy in 5 days! We seriously can't wait!!

Happy Mother's Day!


Aimey + Aria

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