Our 2018 Agenda Top Picks

Happy September! Every fall I get so excited to pick out my new agenda book for the coming year. There's something about writing everything down that keeps me more on track than just having things on my phone. Plus, I love seeing bright colors, motivational quotes and using the cutest stickers to keep us organized! For the past two years I've been a dedicated ban.do agenda fan. I absolutely love their designs and their agendas couldn't be more fun. But this year, Aria picked out my agenda! We were at the cutest little gift shop, Gracie's, in Galveston, TX last month during a beach trip when we spotted gold and flamingos! How could I resist?!

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This agenda is the Bright & Lively (how perfect!) by X&O Paper Goods, a boutique brand by C.R. Gibson, and it fits our style perfectly!

It's spiral bound, includes one pocket on the first page and each month has the sweetest cover pages with motivational phrases and illustrations. I asked Aria to pick her favorite cover page to show y'all and this was the one - Dream, Believe, Achieve!

The agenda includes one sticker page but I couldn't quite bring myself to leave ban.do behind completely, so I also picked up the ban.do Sticker Book - Issue 3 to use along with my planner this year. Aria's totally obsessed with all the fun stickers!

On the standard calendar grid page I like to color code everything with highlighters for quick reference! I mostly organize my agenda by work schedules, photo sessions, Aria's plans, fun activities, health/fitness/dr. appointments and our travel plans.

How cute are these ban.do workout stickers?!

At the start of each month there's a page dedicated to listing birthdays, goals and events and this "don't forget" space that definitely comes in handy!

This is the sticker page that is included with the agenda. C.R. Gibson also offers a sticker book with fifteen sheets of additional stickers for only $8. I may just have to get those too!

One thing I really love so far about this agenda's design are the vertical daily pages! I'm definitely a list person and most agendas I've had in the past only have horizontal daily sections, which I rarely used. I also love the little "happy thought" yellow note section on each page and having the mini calendar right there for reference is great too.

Aria's to-do list includes "CAT," "DOG," and "FUN!" She loves looking at the calendar pages, learning about the days of the week, adding stickers and helping me make my lists. Agendas are awesome!

The ban.do vacation stickers are seriously the best. Hopefully we'll get to use all of these!

I'm so impressed with the overall quality and design of this agenda. If you'd like to shop this style please click on the C.R. Gibson photo below!

Pink flamingos not your vibe? Visit our Shop page to check out some of these other Full of Bright approved agendas!

Tips from Aria:

  • "The mermaid sticker is my favorite. And the kitty. Don't use them, Mom!"

  • "Use a pencil with an eraser in case you make a mistake. I like my cupcake pencil." (Target!)

  • "You can doodle fun pictures to go with your stickers!"

Thanks so much for stopping by! Which agenda do you love most?


~Aimey + Aria

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