24 Hours in Waco + Magnolia

This summer we took a five day road trip around Texas and our last stop, the one must-see on my list, was Waco. My favorite binge was Fixer Upper on HGTV while on bed rest this last pregnancy, so I was really excited to see everything at Magnolia and had really high hopes of bumping into Skip and Joanna Gaines!

We arrived late in the afternoon on a Sunday and almost immediately realized that just about everything in Waco is closed on Sundays, including Magnolia Market at the Silos, but that didn't stop us! We checked in to our room at the Motel 6 Waco South. (I always use Ebates and then Hotels.com for all of my hotel bookings! You can easily earn cash back, free nights and they both have great deals!) The motel was pretty basic but recently renovated, very clean, had comfortable beds, which is all we really needed for a quick one-night stay, and it was less than three miles from everything we wanted to see. Oh and it cost us less than $50, which was great too! Aria loved the bright lime green decor and swimming pool!

After a quick swim we were determined find a restaurant that was open for dinner. We drove half a mile and stopped by Magnolia Table, which was closed, but it was lovely to see the exterior at sunset.

TIP: Sunday evening is the perfect time if you're looking to snap some nice crowd-free photos at Magnolia Table and Magnolia Market!

Directly across the street from Magnolia Table we found a little gem called Health Camp, an old fashioned burger and shake joint that opened in 1948. Not exactly the "health"iest food that I was hoping for but their Super Health Burger did not disappoint and Aria loved the raspberry custard ice cream!

Next, we drove 2.5 miles into downtown Waco and scoped out the Silos to get an idea of what we'd be in for in the morning. Downtown was pretty quiet but Aria and I found this beautiful floral mural created by Tyler Kay at 6th St and Jackson Ave, a block away from Magnolia Market.

Before it got too dark we wanted to find a few of the Fixer Upper homes so we ventured over to 20th and Gorman Ave and found the very first house from Episode 01!

Just a few blocks away we also found this magnificent non-Fixer Upper at 22nd and Morrow Ave. If anything, stop by and see this place! There are just random statues and pillars everywhere and it's pretty wild. The Beanstalk Bungalow from Episode 11 is also right down the road at 28th and Gorman.

The next morning, Monday, we woke up early to head back over to Magnolia Table for breakfast. We got there at 9:30 a.m. and were seated by 11 a.m. It was hot, really crowded and there were lots of Fixer Upper fans all around snapping photos and touring the grounds, but somehow we found the wait to be quite pleasant. There was a covered outdoor seating area, an outdoor cafe where we picked up some drinks (the iced coffee was perfect!) and pastries, plenty of tables and chairs and a grassy play area with games for the children. Aria played with blocks and made quite a few friends. She was sad when it was time to go inside!

Once seated, we decided to start with an order of Jo's Buttermilk Biscuits served with the most delicious homemade strawberry butter. Aria loved the classic Buttermilk Pancakes and house sausages too. While we were eating we had an unexpected surprise - Joanna's mother and oldest daughter, Ella, were walking around visiting each table and saying hello to all of the patrons! It was so nice! They smiled and thanked us for coming and now I'm a little disappointed I didn't think to ask for a photo.

After breakfast we drove to Magnolia Market and the Silos. The line for the Silos Baking Co. was around the building so for this visit we opted not to wait another hour+ for more food, especially when we were still stuffed from breakfast! Aria wasn't in the mood for shopping either so she went to the large grassy play area in front of the Silos with her Daddy while I ventured into the Market.

Greeted by this beautiful quote and paper flower display, Magnolia Market did not disappoint. From the loveliest faux floral stems to engraved signs, signature "Jo-style" kitchenware, vases and plenty of Magnolia themed souvenirs, it was hard to resist not buying everything in sight! There was even a whole Chip section on the lower level with some books, tools and lots of apparel. I ended up going home with this leather sign (LOVE the quote!) and this really pretty Mila Pot and Hanger.

At the Market we also eyed up the food trucks and stopped by Magnolia Seed + Supply. There really is so much to see and do, you could spend all day there! A small disclaimer though: It was very, very hot and humid the day we visited, so if you're not local and are planning a visit, I would definitely try to avoid peak summertime. We'll be visiting again soon, but probably not until late fall when it's a bit cooler. Texas summers are no joke!

Unfortunately after spending most of the afternoon at Magnolia Market we had to head back home in time for Aria to make it to her gymnastics class. On our next visit to Waco we'd love to check out these other must-sees:

Harp Design Co. Shop

Dr. Pepper Museum

The Waco Suspension Bridge + Riverwalk

Cameron Park Zoo


BSR Surf Resort

Oh! And Chip + Jo if you happen to be reading this... thanks so much for all that you do and for creating and sharing such beautiful spaces and yummy food! Y'all really are an inspiration to so many and we can't wait to visit Waco again! Aria says "Howdy!" and would love to hang out with your crew next time. ;)


Aimey + Aria

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