Painted Pineapple DIY!

Looking for a fun pop of color for your next party or just something cute to brighten your day? These DIY painted pineapple beauties will make everyone smile! Aria had so much fun helping me paint their "hair" and decorate them for her 4th birthday party luau!


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Hands down, my favorite spray paint for projects like this is Rust-oleum 2x Ultra Cover. They have the best selection of fun bright colors and the coverage is AMAZING! Aria likes to pick out her favorite colors at our local Walmart but you can also buy them online here. Both the gloss and satin finish work great.

Next up, go grab your sweet pineapples! During the summer our grocery stores sell fresh pineapples for under $2 each so we like to take home as many as we can carry! When we're not decorating and admiring them we love to snack on them and make some yummy desserts. #pineappleobsessed


Shake shake shake your spray paints completely up and down for at least 30 seconds to mix your colors. This helps them to spray more evenly and it's a great workout! This is Aria's favorite part. She loves counting her shakes!

You can head outdoors or lay out some newspaper in a well-ventilated area. We like to just paint on the grass (or lack thereof) in our backyard. Aria is only four and cannot physically spray these cans of spray paint by herself yet but she sure was determined to try!

Note: I would never allow Aria to try this unsupervised nor do I condone children playing with spray paint. Always always supervise kiddos when using spray paint and be sure to teach them that they should never pick up a can without your permission. Ever!

If you have big enough hands you can hold the bottom of the pineapple out in front of you in one hand and rotate the pineapple as you spray with the other hand, or if you have little tiny hands like us you can just let your pineapple stand tall on its own and spray around it just like you would with hair spray!

Keep your hand moving in a steady back and forth motion about six inches away from the pineapple for the best even coverage. If you get too close or spray continuously in one spot you'll end up with a drippy uneven pineapple.

Once you've covered the tops with a nice even coat of paint, it's time for your pineapple friends to chill out for a bit and air dry. Even in peak summertime Texas humidity, it took less than 10 minutes for ours to be completely dry to the touch.

Look at those gorgeous colors! There is no need to repeat with a second coat. Rust-oleum 2x paint rocks and the color will be so wonderfully Full of Bright!

Once they're dry you can leave them as-is and decorate your tabletops OR if you want to get fancy...

Accessorize! Aria had so much fun decorating her pineapples with her favorite sunnies and leis and she has named them Flowery, Nowerly and Pineappley. How cute are they?!

You could always use brushes or sponges with craft paint to achieve a similar effect but I'm all about quick and easy when it comes to party decor and spray painting is SO much faster with a lot less clean up!

Oh Haay, and don't forget to match your new pals with a super cute pineapple tank!

Tips from Aria:

  • "Don't eat these pineapples! They have paint!"

  • "Watch out for the mosquitoes!" (especially if it's summertime and you live in Texas)

  • "Wear messy play clothes. You don't want to get paint on your good shorts!"

That's it Y'all! Have fun! Thanks so much for stopping by!


Aimey + Aria

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