Pineapple + Mango Mojito Popsicles

Hello Friends! We're gearing up for all things sunshine + summertime and that means bring on all the frozen yummies, right?! Pineapples and mangos are in season right now in Texas, so we grabbed as many as we could at the market last week and came up with this delicious all-natural Pineapple Mango Mojito-inspired popsicle recipe! Now before we crush your mojito-craving dreams, we have to break it to ya that this popsicle recipe is kid and pregnant Mama friendly so it does not contain any alcohol, BUT you can very well add a splash of rum and make these into legit mojito pops!

We found this super cute pink flamingo popsicle mold at our local Target dollar spot the other day. Seriously, #targetdoesitagain, every time. They have all things aloha and summery out right now so if you're looking for any fun luau goodies or decor, go go go! I wasn't able to find this exact mold anywhere online but here are some similar silicone pineapple and watermelon molds.

Ok, ingredients! For two popsicles this size you'll need:

1 large ripe mango or two small Ataulfo mangos (these Mexican mangos are smaller and sweeter!)

1/4 of a fresh pineapple

5-6 fresh mint leaves

1/4 cup milk (we used half coconut milk, half cow milk)

If you're using a traditional popsicle mold set for four regular sized pops or six mini pops, definitely double the ingredients.

Peel your mangos from top to bottom using a vegetable peeler. This y-shaped peeler works great for mangos! Stand your mango up tall on a cutting board and slice downward, avoiding the pit. Then chop your slices into 1-2" pieces. Chop off both ends of your fresh pineapple and then cut into quarters. Remove the core. Cut one quarter piece in half and then chop into bitesize pieces. Put your mango and pineapple pieces into a food processor or blender.

Next, add your mint leaves and milk. We grow a simple herb garden in our kitchen and love being able to snip and use fresh mint!

Puree your ingredients until nice and smooth. You don't want any chunks! I like to alternate between chop and blend on my mini food processor to get a nice smooth texture. (Side note: I've been using this food processor weekly for over ten years and it's still working like a champ! And it's under $40! So if you don't have one yet, it's a must! And they now make it in PINK!)

Ok, once it's nice and creamy, pour your ingredients into your molds and insert the popsicle sticks. Then freeze for at least two hours or until completely firm. Overnight is best.

Once they're completely frozen, gently pop out your popsicles and enjoy!!!

Aria and I had a little bit of fruit puree leftover so we just drank it like a smoothie. Pineapples are loaded with health benefits and nutrients including Vitamin C, beta-carotene, thiamin, B6 and folate and mangos are proven to help protect against cancer, lower cholesterol, improve skin and eye health and boost the immune system, so definitely drink up any leftovers!

What has the weather been like in your neck of the woods and what are some of your favorite all-fruit popsicle flavors? We'd love to hear!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Aloha!


Aimey + Aria

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