Pom Poms and Pregnancy Insomnia

Hello Friends! How adorable is this Pom Off-the-shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress from PinkBlush Maternity?! Aria and I are loving all things beachy and colorful right now and this dress is so comfortable and perfect for spring and summer! I love the pom detail and how it shows off my bump while still being flowy at the bottom. It does run a bit small in the shoulders, I normally wear a Large and ordered an XL in this dress and it was still a bit snug around the arms, so if you have broader shoulders like I do, definitely size up! It comes in this pretty periwinkle color as well and pairs so well with a floppy hat.

So I'm officially 30 weeks and one of the biggest things I've struggled with throughout this pregnancy, aside from my high blood pressure and type 1 diabetes issues, has been insomnia. I’ve always been a really great sleeper but these past few months I’ve had many nights where I've been unable to fall asleep, only slept a few hours here and there or just tossed and turned all night. Now that baby boy is much bigger, just getting comfortable in bed is a big challenge in itself. (I may be moving to the couch recliner soon!)

But with any challenge, Aria and I like to put on our problem-solver hats and try to find a solution or at least try to make things easier. She really has the biggest heart and always wants to help me any way she can so we came up with this list of 7 things that have been helpful with my pregnancy insomnia!

1. Ocean Sounds

Every night before bed Aria reminds me to put on a calming ocean sounds playlist. Aria co-sleeps with me now (She never co-slept until age 4 when I switched from working nights to day shift. I'm sure this will change once baby brother gets here!) and these past few weeks the soft sounds of ocean waves and soothing piano music playing by the bed has helped put us both to sleep! This one is Aria's favorite album because of the piano and I really like this one. (They're also both available on itunes radio!)

2. Lavender Essential Oil

We tried this last night and I think it really helped me calm down. Just sprinkle 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before bed and it's supposed to help with relaxation and improving your mood. You can also rub the oil on your feet, temples or wrists for an immediate calming effect. It definitely smelled wonderful and Aria said it was just like being at the spa! (No idea how she would know that but she was totally right!)

3. Lots of Pillows

I've totally loaded up on the pillows this pregnancy! Instead of one of those giant pregnancy pillows (I always found it difficult to maneuver that thing when I was pregnant with Aria) my current go-to setup is two king sized firm pillows behind my head and shoulders to prop me up a bit, one square Euro pillow under my knees and one smaller fluffy round pillow on the left side of my belly. Aria calls the round pillow my "belly pillow" and puts it in place for me every night! During pregnancy you're supposed to sleep on your left side for the best blood flow to baby but I've always been a back sleeper so by propping myself up a bit and just leaning to the left I've had less back pain and been much more comfortable.

4. Eating a Good Bed Snack

Baby boy definitely lets me know when he's hungry between 2am and 4am! His kicks are no joke! I was waking up hungry a lot too so now I make sure to eat a good bed snack high in protein and complex carbohydrates before bedtime. It's usually something like trail mix with raw nuts, a cheese stick with some whole wheat crackers or a slice of whole wheat bread with nut butter. It not only helps keep my blood sugar more balanced throughout the night but little dude definitely seems to appreciate it.

5. Avoiding Screen Time

When you're wide awake and having trouble falling asleep the best thing you can do for yourself is to totally avoid distractions on your phone or device at all costs! I know, I know, it's so tempting to scroll Instagram, shop or binge Netflix at 3am when you can't sleep but before you know it hours have passed and the sun is coming up! (Trust me, 5 episodes of Love later - I've totally been there!) I've found the more I completely avoid my phone at night the easier it is for me to fall back asleep. I'll glance at the time or use it to check my blood sugar but that's it.

6. Chamomile + Lemon Balm Tea

If you're not a big tea drinker or have never tried them, pure Chamomile and Lemon Balm are two superstar herbal teas that are both safe for pregnancy and most effective for aiding sleeplessness and reducing anxiety! I've been combining the two for a soothing drink before bedtime and I'm convinced it's been helping. I still end up waking up to go to the bathroom once or twice a night but getting back to sleep definitely seems easier on nights when I've had my cuppa tea!

7. Opening the Window

Lastly, one of my favorite things is sleeping with the windows open on gorgeous spring nights and waking up to the sounds of birds chirping! There's something about fresh air filling a room and hearing nature that just helps put me in a happy place. So if your weather is cooperating and you've got a window close to your bed, try it out and see if it helps! Of course if you're in a big city and it's way too noisy this may be counterproductive and you may just be better off with those rockin' ocean sounds!

Aria didn't want to be in any photos with me this time around, she just wanted to steal my sunnies and hold her pineapple!

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you're struggling with pregnancy insomnia, know you're not alone! I hope these tips help you get more comfortable and a better night's sleep. If not, Aria says "Try reading a bed time story, singing a lullaby or rubbing your nose with your favorite blankey." ;)


Aimey + Aria

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