The Pink Lakes and Flamingos of Las Coloradas

A few weeks ago I visited the beautiful pink lakes of Las Coloradas, a tiny fishing town on the northern coast of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. While it was quite cloudy and windy during my visit and the lakes weren't as vibrantly hot pink as I was expecting (more of a light cotton candy pink!), I was still in color heaven! Even the buildings throughout the small town were painted vibrant aqua and pink and it made my heart so happy.

At first I thought about wearing a hot pink or yellow dress for this gorgeous location, but with baby boy on the way, this sky blue tunic dress turned out to be the perfect choice! I love how flowy it was in the wind and how the colors perfectly represent our little growing family.

You may be thinking, "How/why are the lakes pink?!" Apparently these manmade lakes are used for solar salt production by a major salt company and they are filled with pink plankton, red algae and brine shrimp, which gives them their unusual hue. Although I've read that the lakes are completely natural and safe and have seen many photos of tourists sticking their feet in the water and swimming, my local guide told me that they do contain some toxic chemicals, so I decided not to risk taking a dip!

The best part of this trip tho? The pink lakes are very close to Rio Lagartos biosphere nature reserve and home to these gorgeous pink flamingos! I've never actually seen flamingos in the wild before so it was truly a memorable experience getting to watch them take off/land and just chillin’ with their pals and being fabulous in their natural habitat.

Did you know that pink flamingos are pink from eating the same plankton, algae and shrimp that causes the lakes to turn pink? (My husband just looked at me like I was crazy for not knowing this already! Now I know!)

The town of Las Coloradas isn't commercialized or touristy. There are no hotels or restaurants, just small vibrantly painted homes and murals like this one that show signs of erosion from all the salt. I loved the flamingo artwork and colors and would really enjoy returning one day to photograph the town, meet some locals and show Aria all the pink! (She was really mad at me for going on this trip without her!)

And introduce her to the flamingos, of course!! I'm sure she'd make friends with at least 10 of them and want to bring them all home with us.

I love these photos. And I love you baby boy! Thank you so much for stopping by friends! Happy almost-Februrary!



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