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We're Baaaaaack!!!

Kai Wild is now two months old and after a little maternity leave hiatus we're excited to be back to blogging! So much has happened these past few months, so many travels, so many new memories and adventures but the biggest adventure of all happened yesterday when Aria LOST HER FIRST TOOTH! For some reason I was under the impression that baby teeth didn't start falling out until after age six so when Aria told me her bottom teeth were already wiggly, at not even five and a half, I almost started crying! My baby girl is growing up so fast!

So Aria's tooth fell out mid-day while I was at work but when I pulled into the driveway I saw her sitting in the front window covering her mouth and waiting for me. She was so excited to share the news that she hid her mouth from me for a few minutes (to build the suspense?!) but eventually she couldn't shield her grin any longer and she let me see! She told me all about her big plan to write the Tooth Fairy a note and leave her first tooth under her pillow safe and sound in her little purple tooth necklace from her dentist, but then some major drama ensued -- SHE LOST HER TOOTH IN THE BACKYARD! I'm not kidding! It fell out of her necklace and long story short, after lots and lots of tears and a frantic Mommy-search of the entire backyard at dusk, I found it! It was on our patio next to the grill! Whew!

Now I'm not going to lie, even though I knew it was coming, I was not fully prepared for the big moment. Let's just say the Tooth Fairy has been very very busy! I did want to do something a little more special than just money under Aria's pillow though, so at 2am I snuck downstairs and got to work. I blew up a simple white balloon using an old helium tank in our garage, wrote a quick message on it using an Expo marker (excuse the middle-of-the-night terrible handwriting!), google searched for "Tooth Fairy Certificate", printed one out and then rolled up some five dollar bills and tied them with some leftover party ribbon! For the finishing touch I sprinkled some glitter on the windowsill beside the bed and ta-da! Tooth Fairy magic!

I knew it wasn't the best but she woke me up SO excited in the morning screaming "SHE CAME!!! THE TOOTH FAIRY CAME MOMMY!!!!!" and held up her certificate! When she looked under her pillow she was over the moon to find not one but FIVE dollars wrapped up in pretty pink ribbon just for her! She yelled "CASH!!!!" It was so funny and entirely too sweet how happy she was!

So here ya go, living proof that the smallest surprise can inspire the biggest smiles and happiest memories! And a nice little reminder to me that yes, THEY GROW UP SO DARN FAST! Soak it all in and cherish, cherish, cherish!

Be sure to watch the sweetest video ever of Aria's letter to The Tooth Fairy below!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad to be back at it!



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