We're Having a...



Can you believe it??!?! I had a dream a few weeks ago that we were for sure having another little girl so I was completely surprised to see blue! Aria's reaction is pretty priceless! She was so disappointed and upset that she started crying. She had been wishing for a little sister to play with and told me that she "doesn't like boys" but thankfully, in less than 24 hours, she's already warming up to the idea of having a little brother. My husband is thrilled, of course, and I'm so excited for him to raise a son! (I'm pretty sure he would have completely lost his mind in a house of 3 girls, a girl cat and a girl dog!)

A special 'Thank You' to my Mom for coming with me to my 18 week ultrasound and for planning the sweetest surprise gender reveal! She had some adorable little gifts ready for us and my parents and I all celebrated with a delicious home-cooked Texas-sized steak and potato dinner (so manly!) afterwards!

How sweet is this little box?! It will make a perfect first toy box!

And here's a peek at our little dude! It almost looks like he was giving us the Hawaiian shaka "hang loose" sign... or rock fingers! Either way, we love you little guy and can't wait to meet you!



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